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(Возможен заезд с ул. В.-Интернационалистов, 2)

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Водоохлаждаемая башня PMM

Водоохлаждаемая башня PMM

Производитель: Mita


Features: Open circuit cooling tower – with axial fan with gear-box reducer

PMM series is suggested in big size plants. Every unit is de-signed according to the technical data of the relevant project.
All models are made of factory pre-assembled modules and  components
The particular design of PMM series grants a quick and in-expensive installation, besides the possibility of adjust-ing/designing the unit to fit the existing basins or

Motor-fan (axial) group with gearbox reducer, low installed power, possibility of low noise levels.

IP 56 Siemens motors

Casing made of FRPsandwich panels, thickness 22 mm

Metal frame in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication

Water distribution system in PVC / PP equipped with non-clogging spray nozzles made of PP

Fill pack with different types of air/water channels, suitable for the use with different water qualities

Certified drift eliminators in PP

Every unit can be optionally supplied with access doorsto simplify any maintenance operation of the tower internal components

Capacity: from 2,6 to 14 MW (indicative nominal values referred to a 5°C temperature range)